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About Old KY Chocolates

Old Kentucky Chocolates celebrates its 50th Birthday all year to the delight of locals and tourists alike. To commemorate this momentous occasion, Old Kentucky Chocolates is giving away a $50 Gift Certificate each month to go shopping in any of their three Lexington locations found on Southland Drive, in the Lansdowne Shoppes or in the Lexington Center downtown. The Old Kentucky Chocolates team encourages guests to drop by for a free sample and the chance to sign up to win the big prize.

50 years ago, Lexington's own Willy Wonka, or Don Hurt, founded his company in 1964 after getting out of the Army where he had lots of practice perfecting his scrumptious art. Don explains, "After attending Candy School in Erie Pennsylvania, I was called back into the service in 1961 and my bakery was a mess hall. Here I served 4,600 people per meal and a total of 14,000 meals a day" Upon his return, he made the first batch of candy, Peanut Brittle, above his Magee's Bakery in Frankfort. The rest, as they say, is history and a delicious one at that. For those of you Old Kentucky Chocolates enthusiasts familiar with the winning chocolate and bourbon combo, you know that Mr. Hurt only uses Jim Beam Bourbon to make his confections. But do you know why? Don answers, "On a Saturday, Mr. Jeremiah Beam and his wife stopped by our bakery and asked why we used a particular bourbon, a different one at the time. When the staff could not think of a good reason, Mr. Beam personally invited me on a special tour of his Distillery and asked me to use his bourbon instead. That was in 1966, and we have been using it ever since!" Another favorite is the Colonel's Candy or the Old Fashion Pulled Cream Candy, which Don began making after purchasing the recipe from the Kentucky Fried Chicken Corporation in the late 1970's. Don shares, "The Old Fashion Pulled Cream Candy was actually Colonel Sanders mother's favorite and the colonel purchased a candy shop just so that his mother could enjoy all of the candy she wanted." Don had even sold the Colonel's Candy to Cracker Barrel for over 30 years in a testimony to the original recipe created years ago.

Not only is the history of Old Kentucky Chocolates rich, you can taste, smell and see what sets it apart from the rest during a tour Monday through Friday at ten am or two pm. One of the only chocolate stores that actually allows people to tour where the candy helpers are not behind glass, individuals get to see everything being done up close and even partake in an "I Love Lucy" moment at the end of the Enrober conveyer belt by sampling one of the finished products. Whether you are searching for a special gift or you just need to fill your chocolate craving, here at Old Kentucky Chocolates, they have something for everyone.

Kentucky Farm Bureau speaking with owner Don Hurt about OKC

LexTreks taking a tour of Old KY Chocolates